Maggie’s Monthly Letter – October 2016

What a month October was!

Aside from being crazy hectic at work, I’ve had lots of fun. One of my good friends, who has been living abroad in Korea to teach English came back to Sydney. It was awesome catching up with her and hearing about her awesome experiences.

On the books front, I can honestly say that I’m thrilled that things are taking shape. Can I just say that I will never get tired of fan mail? You guys rock! Your kind words and encouragement only gives me fuel to continue writing, and write the absolute best story I can.

Sometimes I can’t believe that my crazy ideas have been put to paper, and that there are people I have never met who enjoy them. It’s an amazing feeling, and to be completely honest, it’s priceless. All I want to do is write a great story and share them with readers, and that’s what I intend to keep doing!

What’s coming up in November? Entangle Me – Las Vegas is out! This was ridiculously fun to write, how Lacey and Tristan would interact after their break up in Tokyo. They are nowhere near done, but being the sadist that I am, I have to throw them a few curveballs. I can’t wait for you to grab this one! You can grab it right here


In the meantime, check out the other books in the Entangle Me Series here!

Thanks again for your ongoing support and loyalty.



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