Maggie’s Monthly Letter – November 2016


There’s never a dull month on the writing front, and November has been no exception.

In a new high – I’ve smashed my sales record! I was aiming to hit 1000 sales by end of the year but I smashed it last week, and I’m absolutely thrilled about this. I’ve only been doing this since May this year and gosh, it’s been such an amazing ride. I’m in shock at the support you guys have given me in my journey so far, and I can only hope to reward you with my stories to come. I’m planning a big year ahead, and this is just the beginning 🙂

What’s coming in December?

Firstly – a new book from me.

The last instalment of Entangle Me – London is coming out. I cannot wait to share with you how it all ends for Lacey and Tristan. Dare I say you will be laughing and swooning at the same time? I sure hope so. I’m putting the final touches right now, gearing it prime and ready for Dec 15. In case you were wondering, here is the pre-order link. And double in case you were wondering, here’s the cover!


Secondly – my books going wide. For those of you who prefer to read on different formats, I will be putting my books on the other retailers! I’ll post all details about a set date (likely after Christmas), but I’m going to be a lot of fun things.

Thirdly – ARC Team. I am opening up my ARC team to you, and would love to have you review my books. If you are a serious reader and committed reviewer and can commit to posting reviews within a reasonable timeframe, check out my application page here. Let me know if you have any questions!

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