Las Vegas Ready for Pre-Order!

I’m super-duper excited for this one, are you?

I can’t believe that I’m on the sixth book in this hella fun series, and this is by far my favourite story in the series.

It’s got all the elements a typical Maggie Way romance would have – comedy, heart and heat.

Can you believe how much I’ve put Lacey Ryan through? Well, I’m going to put her through some more sexy, fun and emotional adventures. You watch!

It only feels like yesterday that I started typing up the first draft of Entangle Me – Sydney, and six books later here I am.

To my readers, I cannot express how much your support and loyalty means to me. I do my utmost best to write the best story I can, and I cannot wait to share this one with you.

I’m having an absolute blast and hope you do too!


Grab your copy now and head on down to Sin City!


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