Entangle Me – Bangkok Excerpt

entangle-me-bangkok (2)
“Go. Go have sex!” he says a bit too loudly, and I clamp a hand over my mouth. Subtlety Gabe, subtlety. 
“Shhh! Okay bye!” My heart racing like a formula one car, I pace over to the bed and plop my suitcase on the mattress, in a rush to get changed. I rummage through the small mound of cotton and linen fabric, desperate to find a bra and skirt. The shower door opens and I hear his feet step out on the tiled floor.  Hurry up, Ryan!
Okay what should I wear? Anything, just a piece of clothing. I look at the pile but I can’t decide. Casual? Formal? Girly? Sexy? I hear him pull his clothes and towel from the towel holder. I have to pick something! Anything. My baby blue push up bra, my knee length grey skirt will do, and I fling them on the bed. Slipping off my shorts, I slide on the skirt which sits nicely just above my hips. Throwing my t-shirt over my shoulders, I drop it on the bed and grab the bra to quickly slide it under my arms. Just as I’m about to clasp the back hook, the door opens and Tristan steps out. Holy popsicles! Bra fastened securely, I quickly turn around to grab my top only to be stumped by the sight of Tristan standing there, his mouth popped open.
I blush furiously at the way his eyes are feasting on my pushed up cleavage and fitted skirt, which emphasises the shape of my waist. I take a good look at him and I bite my bottom lip to avoid my mouth falling open. He’s in an open black shirt covering the loose white singlet, brown shorts, black hair slick. Wow. A description of tall, dark and handsome should have his photo. His mouth finally closes and he looks towards the opposite wall, clearly trying to be a gentleman. I expect him to smirk or make a comment but instead he scowls at me.
I quickly slip on my t-shirt, secretly enjoying the effect I have on him. 
“Let’s get out of here, it’s a bit hot don’t you think?”
I don’t think he’s just talking about the damp humidity. I nod eagerly and grab my handbag which is sitting next to the bed. 
I try to ignore the rising butterflies in my stomach. I’m going on a night out with Tristan, and I feel giddy. Something I haven’t felt in a really long time.