An Excerpt From My Upcoming WIP!!

An Excerpt From My Upcoming WIP!!

This is something I’m super duper excited to be sharing with you!

You know my short story Strictly Unprofessional, that’s been downloaded and read tens of thousands of times?

Well, I had so much fun writing a sexy office romance that I decided to write a whole new story.

That’s right, you are looking at a FULL LENGTH, STANDALONE story from me.

It’s still a working progress, and very much in the draft stage. I don’t even have the title set yet, I don’t even have a release date set (don’t hate me!)

But I pretty promise you (with cherries, chocolate, and cream on top) that you will be getting a provocative, sweet and tantalising read with this one.

Picture a sweet, bumbling and slightly career lost girl. Pair her with a hard up, ridiculously ambitious HOT new boss who has a LOT to prove, and you are going to get a hella-fun love story.

Here is a picture to get your imagination running.

And another

Oh here’s another one (I think this one looks familiar…)

Here is a short snippet of what is to come (pardon the typos)!

Involuntarily, a black wipe slips out of my hand and I quickly fall to my knees, picking it up before looking up at the man. He stares down at me, and it takes me a moment to realise that the effects of my inebriation and hunger is catching up to me, as my mind starts going into overdrive.

Oh shit. He’s…he’s…umm….attractive, hot, sex on a plate, tasty delight, Greek God, bubbalicious, come to mama. Gah! No, no, no! Those are awful things to think of this man I just met, what’s wrong with me? He’s my new boss. Oh god. He. Is. My. New. Boss. That I hate, remember? Take a deep breath, Laila, just breathe. Clearing my throat, I straighten my posture to take in the sight of this living mortal hunk in a made to measure chocolate charcoal suit that fits him like a glove, ignoring the fact that my ovaries just burst a little. 
He’s rather tall, standing just a bit above me in my heels. I’d say 6’1”, at least 6’. Broad shoulders, broad chest, I can tell he’s got a body under there. Full and fleshy lips, accompanied by perfectly straight and white teeth. A neat and trimmed full beard covers that sensual mouth. His skin is smooth and naturally bronzed, his hair is even more so. With dark undertones, it’s short but not too short, and neatly styled so it’s slightly tousled.
And those eyes, I could get lost in there, that swirl of dark emerald and ebony is hypnotising.  The heavy bags under those hooded eyes give away the stress and maturity etched in his face, giving him a distinctive character and je ne sais quois I have not seen before. His features are rather sharp, he looks intense. He looks carnal, sensual. Just…wow. Jesus, has my brain been replaced with someone else’s? I’ve been reading way too many romance novels, describing this man in such gratuitous detail. And in such a dirty way…

Those eyes scan my face, I can see him looking for a sign of recognition.

“You must be Laila.”

And there goes any attraction I felt for him. Of all the people to actually pronounce my name incorrectly, it has to be him. Does he really think my name is pronounced ‘lee-la’?


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