About Maggie

I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m old enough to be able to write about adult romance but young enough to still giggle and blush at the saucy scenes. (Which I do, a lot)

When I’m not gallivanting around the world, my life is at home with my boyfriend who gets the privilege (or curse) of beta reading my works.

I work for the government. Doing a job that has a public service element really motivates me to do my best everyday, and the people are awesome.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my home.

You can contact me on Twitter @MaggieintheWay or on Facebook here

Or you can contact me at info@maggiewayauthor.com

Do you enjoy beautiful love stories that have lots of heart, realism and insane dramatic flair all the way until the very end?

What about sexual tension so hot and off the charts that you are chewing your nails off waiting for the two leads to get it on?

How about a sassy, confident and fearless female protagonist, who is someone you wish was your friend?

Are gorgeous alpha males that have a heart of gold and abs of steel your thing?

If you said yes to all these things, then you’ve come to the place.

These are the types of stories I write (and love to read) – if you want beautiful, sexy and dramatic slow burn romance, I am your girl.  

What Kind of Books I Write

Whilst I classify myself as a romance author, I do not want to be know for churning out the ‘roll your eyes’ clichéd stuff a lot of people associate romance novels with. Romance does get a lot of flack, but I still think its the best genre (there’s a reason why it is so popular!)

My stories tend to teeter between bits of comedic gold, sizzling sexual tension and heart-wrenching moments. My favourite romances include The Notebook, Bridges of Madison County and Love Story.

One other thing about me?


I love them, and dare I say it’s a speciality of mine. I don’t do it to coerce you to buy the next book, or because I want to leave you pulling your hair out in frustration (I really mean that!)

The reason why I love to write cliffhangers is simply because they are the defining factor in all the books and series I have loved –  I grabbed the next book like catnip, I obsessed over what would happen next, I was waiting with bated breath on how the story continues. This is not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m sure, but I like to keep my readers guessing and wondering because that’s what my favourite authors do to me.

So there you go, I’m a little bit twisted. Muahaha.

My pet hates (in no particular order)

-Insta-love: they fall head over heels for each other due to their crazy, can’t think or breathe attraction within the first five seconds of meeting each other

-Male leads who don’t have any responsibilities or worries except which hot/gorgeous/stunning models, socialites, actresses to date tomorrow

…..I could go on but I’ll stop there before I seem like I hate romance novels lol

Love and relationships can be complex and I want to explore that in my writing. In terms of characters, I also want to write powerful female characters, and will usually feature a female protagonist. I love that more and more strong female protagonists are appearing in fiction these days and I want to honor that myself.

At the same time I aim to write books that I would personally want to read myself and create characters that I can fall in love with. My writing will have a bit of a guilty pleasure element but isn’t that what it’s all about? 🙂

I want to become active in the writing community and I love to help out other authors by critiquing online. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I love to engage with all book-a-holics. Come say hi!